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Happiness Isn’t Something Given To You – You Create It

When life is hectic and crazy stuff happens to you, how do you become happy? You decide to BEhappy! it’s just that simple; you must make a conscious decision to be happy, in spite of the situation.

I know it sounds as though I am over simplifying the process we call “happiness” believe me; it really can be a simple thing to do…choose to “become happy.”

Listen, stuff happens and every day you could find a legitimate reason to pull your hair out, lose your mind, become blind with anger and frown your way through the entire day! And the flip side of the craziness is happiness, yes, you could find a reason to be happy, in spite of the craziness…cause you know what I have discovered? It’s all craziness – life is crazy! There I said it, “life is crazy” and most people are about to be completely round the bend anyway so why let the madness ruin your day, your year or your life?

Often times. people will say that they simply, “don’t have a choice” and that is in and of itself, a crazy statement because we all have choices. Even when you decide to do nothing. Make no moves, avoid relationships, people, and life itself; you have made a choice, right then and there – you made a choice to do nothing. Oh sure, people may persuade you to do something that you don’t really want to do but ultimately, you make the decision to go along or to step up and say, “no.”

Your average day is filled with one decision after the next, one choice after another and so I say, “choose happiness!”

Each of us is responsible for our “moods” and how we are going to view the world, is it a beautiful place to be or a place to simply be tolerated, until the exit curtain eventually comes down?

Proven Mood Lifters:

Wear a cheerful, bright, uplifting color of clothing. Blue has been shown to calm, soothe and comfort. Red is uplifting, mood-enhancing, power colors that can illicit confidence. Pink is calming, orange can increase creativity, and motivate you to take action.

Exercise or Moderate Physical Activity:

Exercise experts have known for years that moderate, physical activity improves mood. Now a study shows that people are in a better mood for up to 12 hours after they work out. It’s a fact that exercise is critical for both physical health and mental health.

Visualization and Positive Self-Talk Statements:

Visualization statements are an easy and effective method for mood enhancement, stress reduction and pain relief. Through positive self-talk, you are able to connect with your subconscious mind and supply it with the cues it requires to be “happy.” For instance, visualizing a past experience that brought you great happiness or induced laughter is a great mental exercise to promote happy thoughts today. Imagining a happy, enjoyable experience can create the same outcome.

Positive self-talk is another fool-proof method for increasing your level of happiness and good feelings. You speak words of a feel-good nature, “I am a positive, powerful, happy person and I love myself unconditionally!” “I love to laugh, dance and sing, my life is joyful and I feel good!”

Monitor your thoughts, words, actions and behaviors carefully. If you notice you’re headed down the slippery path of doom and gloom…put the brakes on and immediately implement one of the happiness strategies listed above.

Happiness is a choice, make the decision to look to the bright side of life, every chance you get.

You have the power to create “happy” for yourself, every single day!!

Happiness Isn’t Something Given To You – You Create It

by Lisa Kitter


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