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Here are just a few of the 100's of testimonials from some of Lisa's customers

Cheryl Hays Ridgeway

If you are looking for a business coach that is really good, look Lisa Kitter up. She's knows the networking business. She's walked the walk...hit the top in her company and many years in the coaching business

Christy Lee

Lisa Kitter has been my business coach for several years now. I am incredibly blessed to be able to work with Lisa because she knows her stuff. Lisa has been in the Network Marketing industry and a business coach for over 25 years. She has guided me through my initial steps with a network marketing company to now creating a vision for my own business. Lisa has taught me how to have confidence and posture in business as well as how to create a motivated team and close a sale. But I am truly grateful to Lisa for helping me to  realize my vision, find my purpose and  show me how to really live my life out loud!


Thank you Lisa,

Curtis Louis

My business is growing and so is my team. I am grateful for the knowledge, wisdom, and guidance I am receiving from coaching  with Lisa Kitter....her training and advice is always on point and yields positive outcomes; when applied. Lisa Kitter shared the 3-way calling strategy technique, and let me tell you, since using this strategy, my team and I have been closing several deals; (Both Preferred Customers & Business Partner's).

Curtis P Louis

Traci Trezona

Lisa Kitter is an incredible coach. The best I have worked with. She is honest, an incredible communicator and works WITH you, not for you. 


Lisa coached me through a challenging time in my business, which she helped me turn around and I am forever grateful for her guidance. 


There are hundreds, if not thousands of "coaches" out there making huge promises and who under deliver. I will tell you working with Lisa will be one of the best decisions you will make. 


When our coaching session had come to an end, I thought, "Well this is it. I probably won't hear much after this." So NOT the case. Lisa continued to check in and see how I was doing! That made such an impression on me.


Thank you Lisa, for everything!

 Traci Trezona,

CEO of Traci Trezona Enterprises, LLC

Steve Baker

Wow!! What a powerful tool for change and personal growth you have given the world. Not since Dr Wayne Dyer's, "Your Sacred Self," has a book touched me on such a personal level.

I will be reading it again and again!


Steve Baker

Greg Dwyer

"Lisa can empower you to step out and step into your full potential. She is the queen of personal development and she has a heart of gold." ~ Greg Dwyer


Below is our recent radio interview :)


Pete Andrew

Just got to say Lisa, as you know, I purchased 'Lisa Live in London' and to say it's amazing is an understatement.

I've listened to it 3 times already and learnt so much nuggets ...especially on 'Posture'

I highly recommend this product if you want to take your business to a higher level....


Pete Andrew

Courtney Hunt

Hi Lisa, not sure if you remember me. I did private coaching with you probably about 13 years ago.


You told me I already had everything I need to succeed.


Just wanted to let you know, I never gave up and now I am kicking butt and taking names!!


Everything I have learned over the years, has finally come together and kicked in!




So thank you so much, you have been an inspiration to me!!

Courtney Hunt

Rosanna Parsons

Hi Lisa,


I have been wanting to email you for a while about your webinars.  I absolutely love them!! 


Thanks so much for your wonderful insights, advice and passion!!


You and your son, Brenden have been an absolute God send in my life.  Thank you!!


Rossana Parsons

Paul Hutchins

Hey Friends... If you're in network marketing, I want to introduce you to a leader that I've admired for a while now.

This is Lisa Kitter and one of the first companies I was in, that I started to have success - she was brought into to train all the reps in the entire company. She did an amazing job!

A few years later, I met her on stage at an event.  I admire her persistence, professionalism and the way she does business.

If you're looking for more quality connections, Lisa is definitely one to reach out to.)

Thanks for being a shining light in the home business profession Lisa!

I really appreciate your example. -Paul Hutchings

Bill & Linda Trautman

Jerry Clark, Club Rhino

Lisa Kitter is known throughout the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industry as the Queen of Big Thinking.

 After several years of going through the emotional ups and downs that this industry can bring, Lisa discovered the Keys to Massive Success in Network Marketing. 

In her 2 hr audio program, Prospecting With Posture, Lisa will generously share those Keys with you. 

Don’t expect any long-winded fluff here, just plain and everyday common sense ideas that can generate wealth for you and your family. Jerry Clark, Club Rhino

Raven Blair Glover

Lisa is known all across the country as the Queen of prospecting. and the Queen of thinking big. 

Lisa talks with us about prospecting with posture and she is fantastic!!!

You will get so…. many valuable tips that you can put in action right now! Be sure to share this training with your team.  


Raven Blair Glover,

Viola Tam

Lisa teaches that the interviewing should be brief. This is important, as we have to convey the message that we are busy and successful. 

Spending a lot of time talking and convincing the prospect about our products or opportunity, sends out exactly the opposite message.


Lisa uses the analogy about having the goose that can lay golden eggs and that we (as professional Network Marketers) are happy to share with people who would like to know about this.

Great Training!

Viola T.

Rob H.

Use A Mirror! I learned this from Lisa Kitter 

When you’re standing in front of a mirror, it is easier to know if you are actually smiling.

When you’re smiling to make a call, you’re going to be more effective.

The person on the other end is going to know if you’re smiling or not . . .

They can hear it in your voice.

So it’s important to keep a smile on your face while calling . . .

And the easiest way to do that is to be looking into a mirror.

Rob H.

Shelby Rojek

I have known Lisa, for probably 10 years or more now.  Years ago, when I was with a health and wellness company, we had her come and give our team training every week.  One of the best things I got from that, is her "Prospecting With Posture" series, which is still relevant today.


In past years, I had a few coaching sessions with her, but have been doing coaching with her now for most of 2018.  Lisa has helped me to find myself again, after years of raising my boys, all on my own.  Her coaching has helped me to believe in myself and to re-ignite some of my passions and spirituality.


Lisa is smart, down to earth, successful and will tell you like it is.  I wouldn't be on the path to success, that I am on now, without her.


Thank you Lisa!

Shelby Rojek

Len Mooney

I have been working closely with, and have been coached by Lisa for some time now and all I can say is, "Wow"! Lisa is amazing to work with.  She is kind, sensitive, patient, smart and just a little bit sassy.  What can I say? I love working with her and feel so privileged to have the opportunity.

If you have the oportunity, work with lisa and she will guide you to the next leve, whatever that is for you!  You'll be glad you did