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Are You Ready to Reinvent, Achieve & Prosper?

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How to Work with Lisa...



Lisa Kitter is committed to assisting you to achieve abundance in your professional and personal life; through personal coaching, sales training, and empowerment workshops. By coaching with Lisa, you learn how to be your best, most authentic self, creating prosperity, while living with integrity, doing work/business that you love.

Long before personal coaching was all the rage that it is today, Lisa offered Life and Business Coaching. She is a successful and professional leader who does not teach and guide people on things she read in books or on what she learned in coaching school. Lisa has climbed the ladder from rags to riches. She teaches and empowers others, from her own powerful journey up "Success Mountain". She has created business results as an entrepreneur and corporate leader. Her experience in the direct sales, corporate and self development industry, has been attained by living the "real life" success story.

If you desire better health, financial freedom, happiness and loving relationships or you require assistance achieving a specific goal, finding a career direction, or reinventing your entire life … Lisa will assist you in getting there faster. Lisa has personally coached more than 2100 people by phone and in person, since the year 1999.

Lisa’s goal is to assist you to shine brighter in life and to be happier, more fulfilled and more abundant than you ever thought possible for yourself!

 Areas of expertise and focus for Personal Life and Business coaching:


  • The Psychology of Sales/Prospecting/B2B/Closing The Deal

  • Developing a Healthy Self Esteem, Self Image, Self Love   

  • Creating Positive Self Talk

  • Business Set Up / Business Building / Business Development  

  • Creating a Vision, Goal Setting, Dream Building

  • Improved Communication Skills designed to increase your productivity & get you $$$ results  

  • Successful Leadership / Team Building

  • Developing a Prosperity Consciousness / Getting "Right" about money

  • Utilizing Universal Laws and making them work for YOU

  • Weight Loss / Fitness / Health & Wellness (mentally & physically)

  • Public Speaking Skills & Development - Get over the stage fright

And many more areas; Give us a call today so that we may discuss your challenges/goals, availability of coaching, length of sessions and our easy payment structure.

Group coaching sessions by phone/skype or in person are also available.


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