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I think back to my early days out in the work force, I worked as a server at The Cheesecake Factory and I want to share with you a funny story.

As a table of four, with two elderly couples was checking out, one of the ladies said to me, “If I worked here, I would never have a paycheck because I would be eating all of the cheesecake!”

I said to her, “Oh, we don’t get a paychecks here. We make $2.00/hr and by the time the taxes are taken out, we make 0.00!”

All four people looked at me in amazement and said in unison, “Really?”

So I told them that the next time they were out playing bridge with their friends, make sure that you tell them to be sure and tip their server because that’s the only way they make any money… after working sometimes a very long 8 or 10 hour shift.

And with that, they left me a $20 – LOL!!


Sometimes it can be confusing, here’s the current “rule of thumb” guidelines.

Table Setting Diagram

I found this clever diagram awhile ago, thought it would come in handy for all of us!

Have you ever been invited out to a five star dining experience, and was confused as to which fork or knife to use and when?

The mystery is revealed below in the figure to the left!  Enjoy!! 

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