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10 Posture Points to Ponder by

  1. Prospect when you’re “in the mood”. Don’t bother prospecting when you don’t feel good mentally or physically.

  2. Maintain control of the conversation at all times. (Be friendly and professional.)

  3. If you feel yourself losing control, let the prospect go. Give them the “no!”

  4. Relax and have fun – attitude is everything!

  5. Display a full-length mirror in your office area. Check your posture and body language, smile cause you’re beautiful.

  6. Conduct a business interview – this is a gold brick you’re offering.

  7. No begging or chasing and no convincing!

  8. Practice! Practice! Practice, becoming skilled - it takes time and effort.

  9. Be willing to make mistakes and sound silly, that’s how you learn and develop yourself.

  10. Warm market/cold market, it’s all the same! Use the system you have in place!

Make a commitment to yourself to prospect _______ (number of your choice) cold market prospects this week and ______ (number of your choice) warm market prospects this week. Maintain your posture and focus on not being attached to the outcome of the conversations. Share the products, tell the stories and guide the prospect.

In other words, you must have no attachment to the “yes” or “no” response. You’re honing your skills and getting better after every conversation! Some will & some won’t – so what!

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