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When we embrace change and, accept that change is inevitable, life becomes easier and a more enjoyable experience. How many times have you resisted change, only to discover that everything changed even without your agreeing to it? Life is in constant motion and the world isn’t static for you, me or anyone else for that matter.

I recall reading a quote several years ago and I’ve always remembered it, “change is eminent, growth is optional.”

To grow or not to grow, this is the question we should be asking ourselves every single day. We know change will occur however what we must decide in the process is whether we will grow during the transition from one experience to the next or if we will dig our heels in and exclaim that “everyone else must be nuts because I am fine!” Pointing fingers at others and digging in our heels to do our best to not transform is not only foolhardy but also a bit on the same scale as burying our heads in the sand, like an ostrich hoping that when we look up, all will be as we prefer and nothing much has changed.

I love the phrase, “here we grow again!” When I am in a difficult situation I remind myself that I must be growing again & that this too shall pass in time. I ask myself, “how can I gain from this experience and is there a lesson here for me?” Adversity makes us stronger by causing us to develop more creativity in handling the circumstances life throws at us. And more importantly, we have the opportunity to grow ourselves within the situation by the way we address the issue as we move for resolution

Creating a new habit requires approximately 30 days of focused, disciplined intention. Just 30 days and you could in fact, replace many of your old, outdated and perhaps even sabotaging type of personal and professional habits! Wow, isn’t that something to get excited about? How do we develop new habits? We decide to create a new habit; we decide that it is more fulfilling to live life with our new habit than continuing with the old one. Notice the key phrase is, we decide? Make a decision because you do have a choice; life will change, people change, situations change and so can you!

Will change be difficult for us, perhaps yes and then again maybe no. Remember, the more we resist or perceive the change to be “difficult” it will be and the more we affirm changing is about choice and we choose to change…zippity do da it can be easy and fun!

Sometimes people resist changing even when the change is a positive experience for everyone involved. Why would someone refuse to go along with doing a thing that is good for him or her and for us too? Often times it appears to be “easier” to not change rather than to take the “high road” and make the shift. I’m sure you have heard before that “perception is reality!”

As human beings, we tend to be creatures of habit. Don’t rock the boat, don’t upset the apple cart and so forth is the ideas many of us grew up accepting as truth. I personally love the saying, “as long as you’re out on thin ice, you may as well dance!” I highly recommend you get out of the habit of having habits.

Do the best you can to look with fresh eyes and brand new ideas at each situation that comes your way. Look for better, faster, smoother, more fulfilling solutions than you ever have before now. Promise yourself to stretch, grow and break old patterns any time that you have the opportunity to do so.

Write 2 habits you will replace or eliminate this year?



How will replacing or eliminating these habits assist you? _________________________

Name three people you will ask for support from in sustaining these changes you have committed to. ___________________________, _______________________________,


  • There will be people who complain about the changes in you, change anyway.

  • There will be times the populace may not agree with your “fresh” new ideas, create them anyway.

  • There may be new skills you must develop to implement your life changes…go develop them.

  • There may be fear within yourself as you grow, change and become better…feel the fear and then continue moving forward toward your goals.

  • There may be bumps on the path toward change and you may have to go over them, burrow under them, go around them or plow right through them…go for it, you are a winner!

I have the ability to create new beginnings every day of my life”

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