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Life is made up of a variety of experiences some of which we may look upon as challenges. Many times I’m asked about the past challenges I’ve had in my life and how I managed to stay sane all the way through them! I smile at that question because even now, at this point in my life…I’m still challenged, daily.

It’s not the challenges that cause us the greatest concern it’s the lack of being in control that pushes us over the top. We expect challenges, hey that’s life however when they come and we feel as though we have no control over the outcome, we begin to panic. Fear is that unseen force we create, within ourselves and for anyone who has experienced heart-wrenching fear, it’s paralyzing in its intensity if allowed to run unchecked.

I use the word challenged because problems are BIG and we don’t want to give the issue we’re experiencing any power over us. Challenges can be met, addressed and overcome. From a subconscious viewpoint, challenges are manageable where as problems, often times feel overwhelming to us.

Who isn’t challenged? Each of us experience challenges every single day in one-way shape or form. Why is it that some people face the challenge and move on to a solution, while others wallow in the challenge for days, weeks or years? I’ve noticed that people with a positive outlook about life, take the challenges and turn them inside out, to create a growing, learning opportunity. This brings us to the glass being half full, rather than the half empty perspective and there in lies the solution to most "challenges."

It isn’t the fact that each of us is challenged that is the issue, it’s how we view and address the challenge that causes us the most pain or peace. Life is made up of choices and we make our decisions based on our past experiences for the most part. What if the next time you’re challenged you sit down and laugh rather than cry? What if you choose to say, “I can handle this” rather than, “this is too big an issue for me?” Would the outcome be different if you decided to be different in the midst of life’s turmoil’s? Speaking from first hand knowledge, the answer is YES the outcome will be different because you’re different!


  1. Shake everybody up and laugh instead of crying.

  2. Immediately begin to look for a solution rather than dwelling on the challenge.

  3. How serious is this challenge when you sit back and look at the, “big picture?”

  4. What steps can you take right now to minimize the negative impact of this challenge on your life?

  5. Is there anyone who can assist you through this challenging time?

  6. In ten years will this challenge really be an issue?

By asking yourself those six questions you can begin to see, “beyond” the challenge and thereby begin to move past it altogether.

All of us are challenged however not all of us are crushed by the challenges. Use these challenges as an opportunity to get better at this game we call life. Play life with an open heart and embrace each challenge as an opening to stretch yourself a little further spiritually and emotionally.

Remember, you can let go the emotions associated with this challenge by laughing or crying. Laugh at the challenge and watch it release its power over you.

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