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Business In A Fishbowl

Often times we think that because we conduct the majority of our home based business utilizing the computer and phone lines, business etiquette does not apply to us. If this were a television game show you would have just heard the beep indicating, "Wrong answer!"

We live in the era of great communication technology and yet, one of the most elementary of business etiquettes is sadly lacking on most business teleconference phone lines. That something missing is professionalism. Many of us work our businesses from the comfort of our own homes and because of that, we think that no one can see us therefore, we can be more relaxed, laid back and casual than if we were in a corporate setting. Business is business and that means good business etiquette always applies, no matter how or where your business is operated. It is true that we aren’t in a stuffy, corporate type of environment and yet, we are in a professional industry of direct sales and network marketing.

Keep in mind that when you’re out on a live and interactive business conference line, you are, in essence, in a fish bowl. Everybody can hear you, you’re etiquette or lack of etiquette, will surely lead people to make assumptions and snap judgments about you and your level of success, leadership abilities and so forth.

As a marketer your goal is to attract quality people to your products and services, as well as to your business opportunity. The key word here is quality type of people. How do you attract great people, you become one! How do you get business professionals to partner with you? You act like a professional person and present yourself as a confident leader with the manners and class to support that image.

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