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Brenden Dilley

Your life doesn't have to suck.


In the self-help book that breaks all the rules, Author/Publisher Brenden Dilley brings it directly to you... rough, rugged and raw. If you're looking for a bunch of one-liners and "warm fuzzies," you won't find them here. This is NOT your "mom and dad's" self-help book. Still Breathin’ is relevant, it's practical, and above all, thought provoking.

Brenden Dilley's message does not come sugar-coated or wrapped in a pretty bow. He takes an aggressive, unfiltered approach to self-help and doesn't pull any punches. Through his humor and unwavering authenticity, he allows you to confront your fears and insecurities. Still Breathin' contains the practical advice necessary to forgive those who've hurt you and more importantly, forgive yourself for your past mistakes and imperfections.

The lessons within these pages will assist you in living a more passionate, purposeful existence. Brenden aims to help you stop inviting toxic people into your life, stop sabotaging yourself, stop settling, stop wasting your time... and start taking back your power and creating the life you envision for yourself. You will find yourself referring back to this book throughout your life as you evolve, change and grow.

Still Breathin' couples the rollercoaster of Brenden Dilley's life experiences with insightful advice and wisdom, broaching a wide range of topics: dating, relationships, love, sex, parenting, business, passion, faith, health, and fitness!

Still Breathin' details Brenden's navigation through the horrific decisions he made in his twenties that led him to--poverty, near homelessness, break-ups, divorce, custody battles, the disappearance of a child--and his unwavering belief in himself and faith in the process of life.

Still Breathin' is a thought-provoking book that not only will entertain, offend and inspire, but promises to make even the most open minded reader blush while exploring the depths of human behavior and sexuality.

Join Lisa Kitter on a journey of thought, creation and universal truths.


Throughout this divinely guided book, Lisa invites you to open your mind to infinite possibilities and limitless potential. Lisa communicates with God and addresses many of life's confusing, frightening and often times, taboo topics, such as; prosperity, religious choice, life and death. A shift in our collective consciousness is occurring on planet earth and Lisa empowers you to embrace the transformation and become all that you are truly meant to be in this lifetime.


She will guide you through the process necessary to claim what is yours by divine right and assist you to experience a closer relationship with the infinite, and with others, on a spiritual and an emotional level.


Life is a game and we all must play it, however some will choose to play the game to the fullest and others will choose to watch fearfully from the sidelines. God is present, indwelling and actively seeking to communicate, guide and awaken us to a lifetime of pure joy and love filled abundance, as we play…


"The Game Of Life For The New Millennium." If you liked "Conversations with God," you'll love this book.

"Phil Laut and Andy Fuehl are money masters! The information and the application of their wisdom is what will allow you to attract the wealth you deserve." 
-Jeffery Combs 
author of More Heart than Talent

"I was fortunate enough to learn many years ago that working is the very worst way to earn money. Work is made for us, we are not made for work. Our work is meant to provide us with satisfaction. We should do what we love and love what we do."
-Bob Proctor
author of the bestselling book, You Were Born Rich

"Standing out in a plethora of 'get rich' books, Wealth Without a Job goes beyond the predictable 'set goals, work hard, and pretend to be happy' approach; rather, it inspires, cajoles, and leads readers through known and tested paths to financial freedom. Phil Laut and Andy Fuehl don't just seek to change your wealth, however. Be prepared for a deeper understanding of both economics and how your mind thinks and works, so that you and your goals are driven towards each other. A compelling read."
-Dr. Dolf de Roos 
author of the New York Times bestseller, Real Estate Riches

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